Top 7 countries with the best healthcare in the world

Meta: Our post below will list 10 countries with the best healthcare in the world for those who want to be more assured of their health.

Health is the first concern of people that any individual, organization or country always focuses on protecting. Therefore, all countries in the world always try their best to develop their healthcare sýtems. So let us explore 7 countries with the best health systems in the world today.


At the top of the list is beautiful Malaysia. This country is considered to be the country of “explosion” of best health services. Here, patients feel like they are especially interested in the patient reception areas at the airport and directly transferred to the medical facilities that patients need.

Malaysia-the country has the best healthcare in the world today/

Most hospitals meet high standards, in which Malaysia has up to 8 hospitals certified by Joint Commission International – a gold certificate for US healthcare providers.

Selayang Hospital – located on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) is the first hospital in the world that does not use paper record-keeping but automates patient information based on barcode systems. 

During medical examination and treatment, doctors only need to scan the barcode that has been provided on the patient’s hand to look up or add the necessary information.

With a team of highly trained doctors from famous universities in the US, UK, France or a specialized hospital system using 22 different languages, will satisfy even difficult foreign patients.


Columbia is ranked highly by the World Health Organization (WHO), even higher than in developed countries. 

The biggest advantage of medical services in Columbia compared to other countries is the investment and support from the Government. Even health insurance services – a form that requires all citizens to buy, is charged at a very low rate, ranging around 12%, according to the payroll of a retired person.

Additional health insurance premium only needs to pay about $ 400 for two people with no time or age restrictions and can be used in most Latin American countries.

Costa Rica

Ranked third in Costa Rica, currently has 4.7 million population and is a country with a famous safety system in the world with a model of universalization and solidarity throughout the country.

The cost of 11% of your monthly income is the floor you pay for public health services for two in Costa Rica. In addition, all doctor visits and expenses during treatment are covered by insurance.


There is no need for a referral and being able to travel across the country (both public and private) for medical examination and treatment is a great advantage that health care services of Panama can bring. friend.

With only 25 USD for one X-ray, 30 USD for a mammogram, 5 USD for the blood test, the patient is diagnosed and treated by the best doctors and the most modern machines.


Since 2003, Mexico has implemented comprehensive health reform, highlighting the role of the Universal Health Insurance (Seguro Popular program) to ensure social security, regardless of status and occupation, industry, affordability.

With the Seguro Popular program, Mexico started offering free treatment for certain diseases such as testicular and prostate cancer, bone marrow transplantation, and breast cancer. Children under 18 years old are fully supported for diseases related to tumours, cancer.

Thanks to this policy, people with cancer feel much more optimistic and secure to be able to fight the evil disease to the last moment.


Sweden – The regional government in Sweden is responsible for financing and providing medical services. The local government takes care of the elderly and the disabled.

Insurance is available to all legal residents of Sweden. Immigrant or undocumented children still have the right to health care. Thus, Sweden is one of the most developed countries in the world.

Like other countries in Northern Europe, Sweden is one of the countries with the highest quality of life and health in the ranking. Swedish men have the fourth-longest life expectancy in the world, with an average age of 80.7 years.


Germany – Health insurance is compulsory for all citizens and immigrants. Germany has two insurance systems: Regulatory Health Insurance (SHI) and Private Medical Insurance (PHI). SHI covers all hospital health care services. PHI may provide a broader range of services.

Germany’s leading hospital with modern medical system/

Regardless of being a fan of beer and sausages, Germans remain some of the healthiest in the world. The average life expectancy of the people of this country is 81 years old.

The German healthcare system is arguably one of the best in the world, supported by a dense network of well-trained doctors.

We hope that you can find a country with the best medical services that suits you.

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