Medical tourism is booming in Southeast Asia

Meta: People increasingly have high demands on medical service because they want to have experience with the best quality services. Therefore, the medical tourism trend becomes more developed, especially in Southeast Asian countries.

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Health care services are interested by people in many countries, especially in countries with many prestigious hospitals and certified by international organizations such as Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. So, medical tourism in Southeast Asian countries how developed is?

Medical tourism is understood as a person traveling to another country for medical care or treatment in combination with tourism (if the illness is not serious). In the past, this phrase was often understood to mean people from underdeveloped countries to major medical centers in developed countries to enjoy superior medical services, complex treatment regimens without available in their country. 

In recent years, medical tourism is often understood as people in the developed world who travel to developing countries to receive lower cost medical treatment, care, or to receive services. The factors that have made medical tourism so strong in recent times are the high cost of medical treatment and the long waiting time to receive certain treatments in the developed world, International travel has become easier and less costly, as well as improvements in technology and standards of healthcare in many developing countries.

Medical tourism is booming in Southeast Asia

These provide a variety of medical services at competitive costs but still ensure good quality. With beautiful islands, beaches, diverse cuisine and culture, Southeast Asian countries are also perfect for resting and recovering from treatment.

Gernot Ringling, director of the company Messe Dusseldorf Asia fair, said nearly a third of the 11 million tourists in the global medical tourism group each year go to Southeast Asia. The top destinations for medical tourism in Southeast Asia are Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Over the years, these three countries have taken a number of initiatives to strengthen their health care capacity and improve health infrastructure, including medical facilities, to gain market share in this growing health tourism.

Singapore is one of the destinations of medical tourism in Asia and is also the most sought-after by international patients from developed countries in Southeast Asia. Singapore is also the choice for complex treatment cases because it has well-equipped medical facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and a team of highly skilled medical doctors.

Singapore is the destination for complex treatment./

In addition, there are new drugs that have been licensed for use in Singapore but have not yet been licensed in many countries in the region, so many patients in the region choose Singapore instead of having to go to the US to be treated with that medicine.

Medical providers in Singapore are continuing to innovate and apply new medical technologies to improve treatment capacity. Over the years, STB has worked closely with private healthcare providers to expand their reach in key markets and promote Singapore as a destination for medical tourism. high-end economy. However, the country’s high cost of treatment and living is a barrier for many foreign patients who are not really rich.

Malaysia is also one of the favorite medical tourism destinations in the region thanks to its affordable, competitive health care services while maintaining world-class quality.

Malaysia is the soft price choice./ Photo:


Malaysia’s Ministry of Health has issued many mandatory and strict regulations to ensure the health sector has to adhere to high standards of care and ensure patient safety. Medical Tourism Board Malaysia (MHTC) CEO Sherene Azli said in 2016, an estimated 900,000 foreign tourists came to Malaysia for medical care and treatment, generating a record 238.8 revenue million US dollars to Malaysia.

In Thailand, medical tourism is also thriving thanks to many hospitals providing high quality medical services at low cost, only equivalent to 30-50% compared to Western countries. For example, the cost of a hip replacement surgery at a hospital in Bangkok is only half that in the US. Those concerned about safety and professionalism can choose from 33 quality hospitals and clinics in Thailand that are accredited by Joint Commission International.

Thailand is the destination of plastic surgery./Photo:


Foreign tourists often choose Thailand as a favorite medical travel destination for plastic surgery, dental care, cardiovascular disease, orthopedic, and infertility treatment. Thailand has been particularly successful with plastic and plastic surgery tourism.
It is the improvement and desire to develop high-level health services that Southeast Asian countries are increasingly making great progress in the health sector.


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